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How to determine maximum prescription (example).

Our frames can cope with most prescriptions. There’s no need to worry about receiving a frame that is unsuitable for you. We will check your prescription is suitable for your frame choice in store. We can advise and discuss alternatives wherever necessary.

Our men's and women’s optical frames come in various shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose from different metals such as stainless steel, nickel free and titanium. You can choose from full rim, half rim and rimless frames.


You can buy your optical frames at excellent prices. Starting from £25.00 your frame will come with standard plastic single vision lenses, to a maximum combined prescription power of +8.00 to -10.00 with a maximum cylinder power of +4.00

Excellent quality frames at fair prices for you

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Transposition for + (Plus) prescriptions


     Sph      Cyl      Axis    Sph     Cyl   Axis


R: +6.00    +2.00  180 = +8.00  -2.00  90


L: +4.00    +4.00    90  = +8.00  -4.00 180

Transposition for - (Minus) prescriptions


    Sph      Cyl       Axis      Sph     Cyl        Axis


R: -6.00   -4.00     175  = -10.00  +4.00     85


L: -8.25    -1.75      85  =  -10.00  +1.75   175

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